Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tidbits from lunch break

Shhh... I'm on lunch break and I'm trying to hurry up and relax. I'm so ready for winter to be over so I can leave the plant on my lunch breaks again. When it's this cold, I don't even venture outside, if I don't have to. I can't wait to spend my breaks in the beautiful, sunny park again. That was the life!

So yesterday I learned something I had not heretofore known about one of my followers. D'Mama is actually my mama! I always wondered why I was the only blog she followed... Well, there is a good reason for that! She's my mom and I never knew. (Wait, that sounds scandalous, like a soap opera. Anyway, you know what I meant.) And when I read her insightful comments on my posts, almost as if she knew me, it was because she did know me, does know me. Gosh, I felt like a doofus when she told me that was her user name. hahaha

Well, I really don't have anything interesting to say right now. Don't you hate it when you have a blog post running through your head all day and then when you go to type it out, it just disappears! That is exactly what has been happening to me lately. So if you notice that my posts lack a certain amount of their normal "flavor" it's because of my forgetfulness. Once again, I blame all of this on winter. I may have something great running through my mind, but as soon as I step outside, all I can think about is getting warm. Then by the time I am back to the comforts of my dear apartment, I have forgotten my splendid idea. Am I crazy, or does this happen to everybody?

Since I really have nothing further to say, I think I'll just rest my head on the desk and try to get a moment of snooze.


Autumn in jeans said...

I think when spring finally arrives most of us won't remember what we wanted to blog about {if we care about blogging for a few days} because we'll be too busy eating up the sun!! I can't WAIT for spring to show her lovely head and come to stay for a while. Winter be gone, you've had your fun now let us have ours!!


Raine said...

That happened to me too. A friend was commenting and I thought she sounded very cool and a little familar. Yeah, it was her.

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