Thursday, January 28, 2010

deal breakers

So on Monday my bloggy friend, Supah posted some dealbreakers. You know, like the character, Liz Lemon, from 30 Rock.

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1. If he has a giant blinking spinner belt buckle, yeah, that's a deal breaker!

2. If he loves likes anime, definite deal breaker!

3. If he has a mullet, then just say no! 

(unless of course, he is Mario Lopez. Then you could date him whether he has any deal breakers or not)

4. If he has a yin yang tattoo of any kind, just say no. 

5. If he has one of those nasty long goatees, just run away! It's a deal breaker!

6. If he loves to dress like a ranchero band member, well, that's just a deal breaker there. 

b.t.w. this is the "Banda Machos"

7. If he has ever worn a speedo, yeah, it's not going to work...

Well, I was going to put 10 of them, but I can't think of 10, so 7 will have to do.


Alix said...

All seven are masterpieces though. Well done Miss K.

la aventurista said...

I have to agree, these are definitely all huge dealbreakers!

Cathy said...

Awesome! Really, no other words are needed!

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