Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am trying mobile posting

I am trying mobile posting for the first time. We'll see how this works...

Monday, March 29, 2010

stick 'em up!

my new Nike Free 7.0's are awesome!

wouldn't want to lose that flab, now, would I?!

true story--->

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Go read my springy poem at rooftop harmonies, because I really like it, and I wrote it just for you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

holiday discrimination

Have you ever noticed that every holiday can have its moment in the sun, except for Christmas? I say this because I just checked out the peeps website. Why is the Christmas peep known just as "holiday?" That is the biggest load of BS I have ever heard! Easter, Valentine's Day, and Halloween are all allowed their proper names. But Christmas is simply called "holiday." Are they not all freaking holidays? What is Peeps so afraid of? Are they Christmas haters? Do they not believe in Jesus or Santa Clause? Is Christmas "the one of whom we do not speak" or something? The least they could do is call it "winter" or "season of joy" or something equally puke-inducing, yet descriptive. Sigh. I'm so sick of political correctness! I realize the point of being politically correct is not to offend any one, but did anybody ever consider that people might be offended by completely ignoring something that is important to them?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

stick 'em up!

Hmmmm... Doesn't get much better than these side effects, right?

Somebody please tell me. I'm tired of being angry. 

I LOVE John Mayer's new album, Battle Studies. Go check it out--

Thursday, March 11, 2010

three things thursday

So here's another Three Things Thursday. If you want, leave your three things in the comments. Today's subject:

Three movies that I loved as a child
  1. Peter Pan. Couldn't live without it... I'm actually not talking about the cartoon one, either (I really liked that one, too, though). My aunt had a tape of the play, with some female character playing Peter. When I got older, though, I thought a female Peter was just creepy and it became my least favorite version. You know, I really liked every version of Peter Pan that I ever saw... Good story!
  2. The Rescuers. I rented this movie every time I had the opportunity. Consequently, back in those days we barely owned a tv. We had to rent a VCR, too. Usually neither the VCR nor the tape was in great condition. Anyway, back to The Rescuers... they rocked! Poor Penny! That stinkin' evil lady was awful and scary, not to mention those crocodiles! They were the worst villains evah!
  3. Aladdin. My baby bro and I watched that VHS countless times. No really. I believe there were days when we even watched it more than once. heh heh.... Arabian niiiiiiights are hot like Arabian daaaaaaays!!!
So I just thought of something I always did when watching a movie with Baby Bro. After watching all the previews, a screen would pop up saying, "Feature Presentation." Baby Bro was quite excitable as a little kid, so I would turn to him, grab him by the shoulders and shout, "Feature presentation, Baby Bro!! It's starting! I'm so excited!" And possibly jump up and down or body slam him into the couch. hahaha... Good memories. Aw, BB is turning 19 this month and I can't believe he's not a little guy anymore. Kinda sad...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

slothful saturday

Since I've been sick for about a week and a half now, I decided that I would do absolutely nothing today. Well, maybe I cannot state that I am doing nothing absolutely. Really that would be impossible, unless I were to die, that is. And even then I would be decomposing, slowly. But I digress.

Anyway, in an attempt to relax completely, I decided that today would be "No-Pants Saturday." My prudish roomy put the kibosh on that one in its early moments, though. So now it's just "Boxer-Shorts Saturday." Stinkin' Athletic Roomy. (In a side note, though, I did catch a glimpse of myself, pantsless, in my oversized sweatshirt, with my kangaroo pocket weighed down by my cell phone, and it was quite disturbing. I guess Athletic Roomy has a point.)

So this brings me to a conversation I had with the roomies on Thursday night. Pretty Roomy stated that I woke her with my coughing the other night. Then I felt really bad. I don't want to wake my friends while they're sleeping so I decided it was time for some medication. I went to my local Dollar Savvy Grocery Store where I roamed the medication isle. There were tons of boxed and bottled medications to choose from , but I have a problem. Cough and cold medications really put me out. No, really. I know Nyquil is supposed to make you sleep, but it's not supposed to last for 32 hours. And that's exactly what it does to me. Even Dayquil is too much for me. It makes me so groggy that I can't function properly. This is the reason that I almost never take any cold medications. After reviewing all of the cough/cold medications at the store, I decided that I already have the only med that I can take at home (Phenylephrine aka decongestant) so I justed skipped the medications and went to the liquor store. My mom told me that blackberry brandy does wonders for a cold, so I bought a half pint, took some ibuprofen, decongestant, and a big swig of incredibly awful tasting brandy. Hopefully no roomies were disturbed that night. Also, I do believe I felt more rested the next morning. Who needs pharmaceutically concocted medication anyway?

Speaking of which, I feel rather a lot like poo right now, so I think I'll go get myself a swig of my homeopathic cold happy juice. 
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