Tuesday, January 25, 2011

well, if you're gonna call...

Now that I work at a call center, I have come up with a list of things that people should know whenever they dial those numbers.

1. Have your stuff straight. So that means, if you need an account number, PIN, employee ID, username, password, claim number or whatever else you could possibly need so that the center can recognize you, then you should have it ready and even enter it into the phone line if requested!
2. Take off your crabby pants! I'm sincerely trying to help you, so don't get fussy with me. I didn't make any of the policies, make your supervisor unreasonable, or send your documents to the wrong address.
3. Don't hang up the receiver in my ear. It hurts! If you're not using a wireless device with an off button, don't drop the receiver down, push the button to hang it up.
4. Don't ever say, "As long as I have you on the phone." That one kills me every time. Even if you are thinking it, just don't say it. It signifies an inarticulate question that has been simmering loosely in the back of mind for way too long, and something that's probably going to make my call 10 minutes longer.
5. Spare me the details. You can say, "I was billed for the wrong procedure," instead of giving me a 10 minute run-down on the current status of your mole. There are other people on the line waiting to speak to a rep, and I don't even care to hear your personal business.
6. Do your research. Don't call with a vague question. With few exceptions, don't call to get all the information you will need to make your decision. Do your research first. Most companies have websites, brochures, and a lot of information you can access in order to educate yourself before you make any commitments. There are not many reps to serve all the clients. At my company, for instance, there are 11 reps to 60,000 clients. Help us out.
7. And last, but not least, listen! If I tell you we will call you in 2 days, don't call back 2 hours later wondering why nobody has called you. If I say your at the wrong place to check on your claim, don't continue to ask about the claim!

So there you have it. An insider's voice on the call center. Do you have any things you would really just like to tell your clients? Go ahead, vent!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

i chose neither

So between my head and my heart, I chose neither. And I think that was the best for me. For as much as I was/am ready for a relationship, I wasn't ready for this one. So I walked away.

And I don't feel bad about it.

Just because somebody seemed "perfect" doesn't mean I need to be with him if he is not perfect for me. So it was the shortest relationship of all time-3 weeks. Because if you're always wishing the one you're with were more like, oh say anybody else, then the one you're with is not the right one for you. And if he, after 3 weeks, already tells you you need to learn how to cook and "Why do you need a dog, if you have me?" Hmmm... I got the dog first, so I guess if I have to choose...

Anyway, I spent all this time wondering how I could ever love being single, and without even knowing it, my mind was changed. I guess I'll just have fun and enjoy life until the right one comes along!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


When it's between your head and your heart, what do you choose? I once heard a quote that was something like this, "Don't follow your heart, lead your heart." Sounds like a good idea to me. But what if your heart doesn't want to be led? What if your heart is a quivering baby off in a corner somewhere who just wants to stay there and be safe? What if your heart had all these expectations that were so not part of reality, so now it's just disillusioned? So maybe I should just follow my head and forget about my heart completely. I'm pretty sure I know a good thing when I see it. Why do we have to have feelings anyway? They are a pain! I am not impressed with emotions. There, I said it. Unfortunately, I have spent so much time trying to convince myself that I don't have any emotions, cuz they got all messed up with all of my lovely exes.

Hmmmm... do you think I could have both?
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