Saturday, January 30, 2010

six word saturday

Well, this is very late! But it's not my fault! I had to work today, so yeah... I suppose I could've scheduled it, but that just wouldn't describe my Saturday very well then, would it?

Is that burning food I smell?


Go check out my new blog!

ahem... it's rooftop harmonies

Now I gotta run and check on dinner! Have a great weekend!


Jim said...

Hey Katie, you have a neat blog! I like it. Hope you didn't mind my peeking 'round a bit.

I hope it's food burning, there could be sooooooo many things worse to be smelling.
I will check your poetry blog, I have one too. I participate in three 'groups' and all that keeps me busy. They are nice people there, I seem to fit in with them somehow.
Happy 6WS!
BTW, even before we had a date Mrs. Jim had me over for supper. I won't EVER forget that! To eat we had cornish hen, dirty rice, and vichyssoise. I know there was a dessert and a vegetable but I did forget them.
Forgetting? I carry a little book to jot down blog ideas when I get them. The digital camera gets 'blog shots' too.

Please come back to visit, :-)

Linda said...

Hi Katie...nice to meet you. What was burning?

You sound like a fun person who is full of energy. I am a grandma with 14 grandkids...3 of them live in heaven.

I enjoy blogging...and I like to write poems too.

You are cute! Have a nice Sunday!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Call Me Cate said...

Hope whatever was burning was easily saved. Good luck with the new blog!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Hope whatever was burning was salvaged!

2 blogs? I can barely handle one!!

Autumn in jeans said...

Oh no burning food!! I always schedule my 6WS because I set it up to describe my week so far lol. Plus I kind of like sleeping in on Saturdays if at all possible.
What's for dinner?!
Happy 6WS,

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