Friday, January 8, 2010

that's it! I'm outa' here!

No, for realsies! I'm leavin'... you know, like, on a jet plane. I wish I could say that I won't be back again, but that's just not true. I am, however, going on vacation, starting tomorrow morning. :D And my wonderful location of destination?

Drumroll please... DUM DA DUM!!!


Yeah, so I am pretty much really excited. So much for my milestone posts, though. Although, Puerto Rico is a milestone, kind of. I made my first trip there 2 years ago for my friend, Boricua's wedding. Now I'm going to see the baby and I can't wait! These are both milestones in her life. And that's good enough for me.

So, what should I bring ya? So far I have had requests for a Harley Davidson tee shirt, a shot glass, and a sun tanned girl. Yes, you heard that last one right. But that's just what I would expect from Hombre C.

***sidenote--I have all my mens listed in my phone under "Hombre" and then the first letter of their name. Hee hee hee... I couldn't really think of a better way to do it, and besides, then they are all right next to each other and oh so easy to find. Besides, it kinda makes me feel mysterious. Is that weird? I couldn't figure out if that was weird or not... Some people give me weird looks when they see my number directory.-- end of sidenote***

Maybe I should have a give-away. Your odds would be good seeing as only Mae Rae, Alix, and sometimes Raine ever read my blog. Just kidding. I know I have more readers (luv you Mom!) READERS, I KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE AND I LOVE YOU, TOO! (So that ended up sounding slightly more stalkerish/creepy than I intended it to.)

Anyway, I will be sure to post pics of my lovely destination. I can't wait to finally get out of Minnesota. This is the worst time of year in the mid-west. On Tuesday I woke up to -22 degrees! I am so ready to sit my flabby, pastey, white Irish booty down on the beach and reflect some rays of sun! I really need some r&r after today anyway. It was SOOO long, and I had to do 4 terminations and try to translate, edit and configure as much of the newsletter as I could plus do everything else that I needed to do. Then just when I thought I was home free, I couldn't find my keys. So I trudged back up the 50 stairs and searched the office, but still couldn't find them. Then I figured they must be in my car, which they were, locked inside, of course. Then I proceeded to wait 1 hour and 20 minutes until the tow truck came and unlocked me. At least I have AAA! (that's my second plug for them! Go Triple A!!!) Now I'm finally home and I should be packing and getting everything ready, but instead I am wrapped in a blanket, lost in a facebooky/bloggy world of my own creation. And b.t.dubs, I wrote on Mr. Maybe's wall yesterday, but he doesn't seem to fb much, so he hasn't responded :(

So I'ma get off my seat and do something now. I'll see ya next time from (hopefully) sunny Puerto Rico!

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Raine said...

I always read your blog - I just dont always comment. Im too lazy to :D

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