Sunday, June 21, 2009

small town snapshot sunday

Well, this is an idea I got from On the Front Porch, a blog that I have started following. It's a good idea, so I thought I'd participate.

I realize it's hardly Sunday anymore, and the day might actually be officially over by the time I get this post out, but as I spend the day in a small town (no internet access) I didn't have time to
get it out earlier. Next time I'll write it in advance...

Well, southern Minnesota has seen plenty of excitement over the last week. Excitement we could do without. Here is some of the damage that was left behind after the tornados passed our way.

It's always amazing to me how one tree can be left untouched and the one right next to it is demolished, or how one side of the street is completely wiped out and the other side looks like it never even knew a tornado was there. And doesn't it really get you how just hours after a storm passes through, the sun is shining, bird are singing, but the whole world looks like it has been shaken like a snow globe. Everything changes but everything moves on. I will never understand it.

The good news is that not too many houses were damaged. Looks like the park got the worst of it. Thank God. Also, nobody was seriously injured, that I know of, and that's the most important thing.

Well, I guess even summer, my love, has its downfalls. Oh well, nobody's perfect.

Small Town Snapshot Sunday


Wendy said...

Hey thanks for joining us for STSS this week. I can't wait to see what you do next time.

So sorry about your tornado. We had two really horrible ones come through our neck of the woods in the last year. So devastating!

A. of A Changing Life said...

I must admit to being happy not to live in a part of the world that suffers with tornadoes!

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