Saturday, June 20, 2009

the best things

It's Saturday again. Time for my Saturday ritual. That is, of course, the time when I sit in front of the television on the blue loveseat and post something interesting and unique on my blog. Either that or I just pump out some ramblings of a bored, single twenty-something.

Today I am watching one of the best comedies ever made: The Andy Griffith Show. I love it. Barney Fife is my favorite. Well, at least the way in which the whole town, especially Andy, tiptoes around Barney's stupidity in order to make him feel good about himself. He's bumbling, fumbling, self important, and occasionally a little too big for his britches. Aunt Bea is my other favorite character. I love how she constantly complains about being overworked, but
then when she doesn't have anything to do, she feels
unneeded. There was one episode where she leaves Andy and Opie to fend for themselves. They make a terrible
mess of things and don't wash or clean anything the whole week. Finally the day comes when Aunt Bea will be returning and they clean the whole place within an inch of its life. Then Andy thinks better of the situation, know that Aunt Bea will feel like she's not needed if she finds out they can take care of themselves. So they mess the whole house up again. Aunt Bea gets home and scolds them unendingly. Andy knew, though, that it was the better thing.

Another Saturday ritual is cleaning/cooking. I know, it doesn't happen often... But what did happen is that my friend had her baby this week (number 4 in 6 years!) and I thought she may need some Ghiradelli double chocolate fudge topped brownies. I don't know what it feels like to have a baby or anything of the sort, but if there's one thing that can fix anything, it's brownies. I know, this will be the last time probably, since she'll want to be on a strict weight-loss to return to pre-prego body regimin, but still, brownies are a great gift. I think I'll buy some diapers too. She already has everything else she needs, I think, since thsi is baby #4 and cousin #14...

Speaking of domestic, Susie-homemakerish activities (like baking and cleaning) I ran out of laundry detergent the other day. So yesterday I bought another container. I wasn't quite sure if I had already bought detergent or not, though. So I checked in the laundry room. Turns out that's the second container of the exact same detergent that I have bought in one week's time. Now there are 5 women living in this apartment, and that's a lot of women, but as i was looking in the laundry room, I realized that 5 women do not warrent 27 containers of laundry detergent. And in light of my recent absent-mindedness, I think that approxamately 31% of those containers are mine. Well, I'm sure I'll have very clean clothes for many months to come. Either that or I'll just buy some more detergent...

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