Monday, October 12, 2009

this is so unfortunate

So, it's 5:44 am. At least 20 minutes (more like an hour) before I usually get up. I have been wide awake for almost an hour. This is not fair!

Maybe it's because I got so much rest yesterday. See, I tried to convince myself all day Saturday that I was not sick. That ended Sunday morning when I woke up and I was definitely sick. So I slept until noon (cuz I didn't sleep all night) then spent the rest of the day relaxing. I went to bed around 10 but couldn't really fall asleep.

So really, I don't know why I'm awake. I should be taking advantage of every sleepy moment possible, right?

Well this is a great way to get energized for this week, though. Usually, in our fair HR office, we have 7 people working, in the HR part alone. Today we should have 3. I am one of them (administrative assistant) and Payroll Lady and Working Mom (also admin asst) will also be there. Boss Lady and Boss Man are both going to a conference and we lent Hiring Lady and Hater to another company. So it's sure to be an exciting day.

Now that I'm no longer house-sitting I will also have to remember what it's like to commute. I'm not excited about that, but it sure does feel good, no great, to be back in my own house! I missed this place. And I missed my roomies, too.

Well, as long as I am wide awake, I may as well get out of bed (yes, this post comes to you directly from my bed :) and get ready for work. It can't hurt to get there a little early!


NINA said...

Feeling better yet?

gorrión said...

mmm... still not feeling great. Still gotta work!

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