Monday, October 26, 2009

5 reasons why everybody should follow me!

First of all, I'm sad today because I lost a follower... And well, I've had this blog since the beginning of the summer, and I only have 12 followers. I'm pretty sure this is unacceptable. See, there are lots of good reasons to follow me. And allow me to be completely self-serving and egotistical for a moment, while I give you five reasons to be my follower.

1. I'm funny. I write lots of interesting, entertaining, stuff that'll make you laugh!

2. I'm honest. I put all sorts of stuff in my blog that comes straight from my heart. I don't lie (I save that for my anonymous blog. Or wait, maybe that's the other way around...). Anyway, I really don't lie on my blog.

3. I have a cool layout. I might already be grasping at straws with my reasons for you to follow me, but I said I'd have five reasons, so I will, dagnabit! Besides, my blog has 3 columns and that's cool. Plus, I have an awesome background from

4. I have cheesy poetry. Probably I'm the only one who really likes it, but that's ok. See? I really need someone as cheesy as I am to read and like my poetry! Said cheesy person should definitely follow me.

5. I have great regular posts. Yeah, it's like blogging on fiber. Same deal every (almost) Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. First there was Totally Awkward Tuesday, now Sticky Note Tuesday. On Friday I usually have a Free Confession. On Saturday I put in my six words--and then some. Sounds like tons of fun, right?

Well, I'm not sure why those reasons were good ones for you to follow me, but, like I said, I'd give you five reasons why you should follow my blog. Now START FOLLOWING! Oh, and if I haven't convinced you to follow me, then at least make some comments...



la aventurista said...

sound like some great reasons to me! :)

quilly said...

Okay, here is your comment. I did add you to my feed reader on Saturday, but I don't do the "follow" thing -- and yeah, by boy-friend finds it annoying, too.

gorrión said...

Thanks Quilly! Your feed reader is good enough for me! I will consider that 13 followers now! :D (I use too many exclamation points, don't I?)

Anonymous said...

Here is your comment. You had me at number one. I read blogs ALL THE TIME. I comment when I have the chance but don't blog myself. Some blogs wont let me follow but I will do my darnedest(sp?).


Raine said...

I am a loyal follower <3

SupahMommy said...

I think you're pretty cool. And I think I'm now lucky 13 no?

my advice - not that you asked.. but i shall still shove it down your throat. screw the non follow-

it won't be the last time.. BUT REVEL in the follows that actually follow and write 2u.

keep on keeping on.. your blog is great and the right people will follow you . keep participating in GOOD CARNIVALS ( ahem.. mine mine mine.. ) and they will come. PRomise. and also; reply to people. leave comments on others blogs.. and that's how you grab people to showcase your blog

im like mr. friggin miyagi.

are you too young to know that reference grasshoppah?

xoxoxo supah

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