Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 things

Here are 5 lists of 5 things that are super awesome and amazing to me.

5 places I would like to be:
1. the beach
2. Lima
3. my bed
4. dancing (if I weren't pretty tired)
5. with my friends

5 things I would like to be eating:
1. chicken wings
2. stuffed crust pizza
3. sandwich from Jimmy John's
4. chocolate chip cookie dough
5. Kentucky grilled chicken

5 shows I like to watch:
2. CSI
3. The Mentalist
4. Law and Order
5. Psych

5 things I would like to buy:
1. new boots (since I broke my old faithfuls)
2. some fall/winter clothes
3. slippers
4. a remote car starter
5. music on itunes (um yeah, I do buy music... I just can justify stealing it)

5 of my things that I really love:
1. my brown and gold earrings
2. my microfurry blanket
3. my ipod
4. my pictures
5. my imagination

Here is one list with 3 relationship I wouldn't trade for anything!
1. God
2. my parents
3. my nephew--Angel Baby (even though he's not old enough to really know me yet)

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