Friday, October 9, 2009

free confession friday

So I'm house/dog sitting this week and poor Psycho-Dog has been going progressively crazy as the days go by. She was pretty good the first day, then as time passes she gets more and more restless. They kennel her while they are gone and at night and they never let her go out of the kitchen. I felt bad for the little dog, so I let her roam the house while I was doing stuff around the house... until I saw them.

Two little black nuggets.


On the carpet.

So I decided that Psycho-Dog would not be roaming the house anymore.

That was a couple of days ago. Not being able to roam made Psycho-Dog even more crazy. So I decided to do the right thing today and take her on a walk. Psycho-Dog was supposed to have pooped in the yard before we went out, but she didn't. I, being and irresponsible pet sitter did not take a doody bag with me.

Crazy dog pooped in the neighbor's yard.

I fled.

That's right, I left the scene of the crime. I did not clean up the doggy doo doo. That is my confession. I am an irresponsible dogsitter.


la aventurista said...

hahaha I always do the same thing! I never pick up after dogs...woops

Raine said...

appalling! sometimes I forget bags too and i feal terrible - but what can you do?

NINA said...

That's really bad girls!!! haha

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