Monday, July 27, 2009

totally awkward tuesday

I can't believe it's Tuesday already! I'm not ready for TAT (said in my whiniest voice). It's not that I don't have any more awkward situationis to write about. It's just that I wanted to blog about other things this week, and I haven't even gotten to them. Also, when I was totally inspiried to write today, I was working and had no time. Now that I have time, I can't think of any of the things I wanted to write about... But alas, I still have tons of awkward life moments to recount.

This time I'm going way, waaaaay back. This is actually my first memory. I thought I must've been a couple of years old, at least, but my mom says that I was less than two. It was around Easter. We were grocery shopping at the Miracle Mile shopping center. I think it was just my mom and I, but I'm not quite sure. I only remember the two of us... and a stranger. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I was looking at the Easter egg dying kits when Mom said "Come on, Katie." But I was busy. You know, at that particular moment in my life, egg painting with Dudley was far more interesting than finding a good price on frozen corn. I stayed there, my little feet planted in front of the display. When I finally decided it was my time to move on, I turned to join my mom.

She wasn't there. I looked to the left. I looked to the right. I didn't see her. I turned the corner of the aisle and then relief--there stood the lady I was looking for. I ran up to her and latched on to her leg. I was so relieved to have found my mom... or so I thought. Something was wrong. I looked up, and to my horror I was holding on to some other lady's leg. Her jeans looked surprisingly a lot like my mom's! I was so embarrassed I immediately started to cry. I distinctly remember that I cried out of embarrassment, not fear.

Instantly Mom was at my side, scooping me up and away from the strange woman. I do remember her being a nice lady and acting sympathetically toward me. It didn't matter, though. The experience was traumatic enough to etch itself forever on my memory.

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Hazwani said...

Oh dear. Must be very traumatic for you at the time! Glad your mom found you when she did. Phew.

Rachel said...

Awww I did that when I was a little one too. But with my dad. I grabbed some guys hand.

Diane J. said...

Awww, glad all turned out well. That's funny that you cried out of embarassment rather than fear, though.

Have a great day!

Raine said...

Awww :(

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