Sunday, July 5, 2009

snip, snip

I am holding a clump of hair in my hand right now. It came out of my head. It is my own fault; I cut my own hair. Well, better said, I trimmed my own hair. And no, I'm not talking about trimming the ends... I'm talking about buzzing all the hair off of my neck. I hate hair on my neck. Apparently my great-grandma hated it aswell and cut it all off of her neck, too. Anyway, it really makes me crazy. Which is, in fact, the reason why I buzzed it all off. I thought I had done a bang-up job cleaning up my neck as I buzzed away, as I stook in front of the medicine cabinet mirror in the bathroom with my mini mirror in hand. It seemed as though everything went well. Until...

I was fingering through my hair, which is up in a pony-tail and several long chunks of hair just slipped out... Apparently I didn't buzz so expertly. I haven't taken out the whole pony-tail. I'm afraid to. I already have a nice strip of 8-inch hair in my hand. I'm not sure I want to see if there's anymore. Darnit! Oh well, at least the hair's off my neck (and a little more than that, I guess)!

Let me know if you have ever cut your own hair. How did it turn out?


Hazwani said...

I did it once, so long ago. I was a small child who didn't know better. LOL. I looked like crap, and I think we've got photos that - unfortunately - went missing after we moved away.
Nowadays, I still have the temptation to cut my hair off, though I keep it to the minimum. Bangs, fringes, trimming the ends, that kind of things. I kind of miss my long hair. :)

Raine said...

Ive never cut my own hair, but I have never had a problem with others cutting my hair. Experts, relatives, friends.. nevermind their experience. I figure it all grows back. I hope you didnt cut too much off! :D

gorrión said...

I recently trimmed my bangs too... with a pair of office scissors that kept bending my hair instead of cutting it. Let's just say it's a good thing my bangs grow quickly!

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