Thursday, November 26, 2009

the way things have changed...

I glanced at myself in the mirror today as I washed my hands. "Wow, my hair is growing. You can already see a line where my natural hair color is showing. When did I dye my hair anyway?"

I tried to think, but I couldn't remember any cues. Then it hit me. I put it as my facebook status. "I can't believe I just dyed my hair."

Then another, almost stunning though hit me. When did we start measuring time in facebook? When did I become so lazy as to stop thinking in calendars and days, hours and moments? When did I have to look up my life as recorded in real time on twitter, facebook, even this blog. When did my memory forget how to remember?


Alix said...

"When did my memory forget how to remember?"

I love that. And I wish I had an answer for you. I ask myself the same questions. Except I'm a hundred years older than you, so it makes sense.

MaeRae said...

"When did we start measuring time in facebook?"

For me it was January of this year. It is aweful!

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