Friday, November 13, 2009

date update

Ok, so I know I need to let you all know about the date. Now I know it has taken me a few days to get this on to paper the computer. Don't worry. It's not because the date was bad. I really like him. It's just that my sister-in-law already grilled me about it, then I told my mom, then I told my roomies, then the girls at work. Oh, and not to mention, I haven't really don't this dating thing, well, ever before. I guess with my ex's it was more like... well... not dating, that's for sure. With Alex, we started off as friends and it progressed form there. With Carlos, we started off acquaintances and then... I don't want to talk about the rest. Let's just be glad that's in the past! Hallelujah!

Anyway, now the pretty much most handsome, smartest, most talented man I will ever know, is interested in me! Can you believe it? I never dreamed anybody like that would even give me a second look. :D So here's the lowdown on the first date:

He came to pick me up at my brother's house. When he came in, my bro, being the nice guy that he is, started up a conversation. For about 5 minutes, they jabbered on in a language I didn't understand--computer. Lol. He's an electrical engineer, well, studying to be one. Actually, he's doing a coop right now with a computer company here in the area, so he is really doing the work. Anyway, the SIL and I had no idea what was being said, but at least they have something in common.

Then we went out to the restaurant. He made me choose where to go, and I guess I'm really not that good at picking restaurants, but it is the best Chinese place in town. So we went there ordered our food. We just had a good time talking and getting to know each other. I won't cover every topic that we talked about, but he did tell me something about his family and his job and everything that you talk about on a first date.

But the most interesting part was something he told me about a test he had to take the next day. Even as he spoke the words, I could not believe my ears. He said he was taking his test for the ham radio license. And I quote my sentiment exactly, as spoken in the words of Nacho Libre, "Those are my favorite things to do, too, every day of the week!" Well, just kidding about that, part, but it was truly amazing. That's because my dad is a huge fan of ham radio. My dad, mom, and older brother actually all have their ham radio licenses. I took the test, too, but failed. Mostly because I attempted such a feat at the tender age of nine. I don't think my dad had really thought that one through...

Anyway, I don't see how this guy could get any better. Right off the bat he has something in common with my brother and my father. And those are the two people (besides me, of course) who needed to be impressed the most.

Well, it is now ridiculously late and I need to get up early for church tomorrow. I'm so going to regret staying up this late later, I just know it. BUT there's more in the (insert clever nickname for dreamy man here) saga. We actually went out tonight, too. More on that later.

BTW... I need help coming up with a clever name for the dreamy man... Any suggestions? I thought of Knight in Shining Armor-KISA, but it's too soon to call him the man of my dreams. I don't even know him that well yet. So-suggestions! Please!


Alix said...

I'm thinking "Dreamboat" will cover it. Glad you had fun and found all that wonderful commonality going on. Just imagine what you'll discover next time.

And good on you for getting up and going to church!

MaeRae said...

Sounds like the other guys you had were tin men and scare crows. Maybe this guy is the wizard?

Raine said...

Awesome!! Glad you had a good time - cant wait to hear more!

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