Thursday, November 26, 2009


BTW-I messaged Mr. Maybe and told him that he should hang out with us and play games this weekend. Unfortunately he's out of town, but here is his response: "Thanks for inviting me to play games. I would like to meet your parents but I’m not going to be here."

You think he likes me? I can't believe he wants to meet my parents! What does that mean?


Alix said...

Hmmmm...... well, it either means he really wants to meet your parents, or he was just being polite. You'll know which when you spend more time with him. Did he not mention his holiday/weekend plans until you messaged him? Curious.

I'm sure he likes you fine, Katie... but I also hope he deserves you! You're such a cool chica.

MaeRae said...

sounds promising to me.

Raine said...

Whoa! 'rents already! What a brave man!

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