Sunday, November 22, 2009

hunting shack and other adventures...

Here we see the essence of "The Shack." Hunting + Relaxing + Rustic Sloppiness = The Shack.
In this room a man and his wife raised 5 daughters. Yeah, I know... crazy! I can't imagine raising a family in the shack as it is now, and the size has since been quadrupled!
Look! A sink complete with working water pump! And look, people who are younger than me who had to do the dishes. You know, there are some perks to this getting old thing.
This is what it's all about. Playing games with the fam!
Baby brother, me, and TimTim
I don't really think there's a need to say anything... This picture speaks for itself.
That's my dad with the 13 foot tall Christmas tree we cut from the woods by the shack. It was perfect!

There's Dad, and me, and Baby Brother.

And here's me and Mom.
I don't know why I'm grinning so gigantuously (I know it's not a word. Well, wasn't a word...)

Italian Roomy and me, with traditional Christmas decorating tinsel hair and Santa hats.


Raine said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love that your pictures really shows a happy family occasion :D

Thanks for your comment - it really means a lot to me.

You are a no reply commenter - I need your email!

MaeRae said...

Awesome! I am soooo jealous. I want to hunt. Not just wash the orange.

FRANNIE said...

That looks like it was a ton of fun!

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