Monday, November 2, 2009

sticky note tuesday

Ok, so making this collage took me way, way, WAY too long!!! Oh, and I wanted to make a cool collage, but that didn't work out. I'm completely fed up and now I have to go to bed. But at least check out my stickies. GOOD NIGHT!

BTW, if you have a better way to make an awesome (emphasis on AWESOME) collage, let me know. Mine is obviously laking in awesomeness... I am also actually watching my sanity slowly melt away over trying to make this thing! Last week one girl had a rockin' awesome collage and I tried to do the same thing, with little success. If you are that girl, PLEASE--tell me how you did it!! Also, why does Supah's sticky show my background behind it, and mine never do? Another Q... how do you add the option of related posts at the bottom of the post. Supah, you have it on your page... And another one--WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?? Plus also, why do hotdogs come in packages of 8 and buns in packages of 10?? Do they think we want extra bread?! ...Oh, sorry. I think I'm getting carried away.

Ahem yeah... Uh you should play along with Supah Mommy and the rest of us crazies super-cool bloggers! Click the sticky!


Lisa E said...

I love the Happy birthday to your EX. I feel just like you :O)

Heather said...

Great stickies!

Chari said...

I love the collage though!

Peterson Family said...

I love the collage!

And I think the post-it to the ex is awesome!

Evonne said...

I love your stickies!

Meaning of life is 42. Related posts, go to And I'm still trying to figure out the hotdog thing? Obviously someone one missed the meeting on how to count!

Jessica said...

Your blog is so cute, Lucky One! :) And, I loved your stickies. Neat idea with the collage.

LegalMist said...

Cool collage!

By the way, I decided to revive Tova Darling's Totally Awkward Tuesdays for today. If you'd like to play along, stop by!

Shanna Suburbia said...

Stickies will show background if you use Super Stickies to make them. I also use LinkWithin to show "related posts." The meaning of life is "the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally." (Thank you,

Hot dogs come in 8 and buns in 10 because they are almost always make by separate companies and don't collaborate on the number per package of their items. They make the number that is easiest for them (loaf buns, etc) and just sell their product, while ignoring the complementary product.

And, omg, my ex AND my ex-bff both share the birthday with your ex! Maybe November 2 is cursed.

Raine said...

I love the ex-bday ones!

Amber said...

Loved the post-it's! I used photoshop for mine because when i started I was dumb and couldn't for the life of me see the link that said "this is how to make them" so I used Photoshop and last night I was feeling creative and decided to jump on the band wagon and make them color coded.

Hotdog & hotdog buns should be made by the same company! Would make it easier on everyone so no more of the 2 extra buns. :)

SupahMommy said...

lol.. shanna answered it all!

superstickies for background


xoxox supah

now i have to go and read yours

SupahMommy said...

lol.. the ex factor

sounds like you made out- in the right direction.. AWAY FROM HIM.

and also it soundS lke something is a brewin !!!! lOOOVE!!
best wishes

xoxox supah

Veronica said...

I like the collage. I'm freezing all over too, I need to go get a blanket. Love the post-its!

Stopping by from Supah's!

gorrión said...

Thanks for the great comments everybody! I L-O-V-E, LOVE Tuesday! I'm so glad you answered all of my questions, although I think there might be more to the meaning of life... But that's just a guess. I could be wrong :S

Supah, I HOPE the L-word is a brewin, but it's too, way too soon to know anything. I'm just wearing that stupid smirk on my face throughout the day and that's where we're at right now.

I'll keep you all posted! Thanks again for stopping by! <3 U READERS!

MaeRae said...

I am a day late but loving the post-its. And just so you know the hot dog but thing is two extra incase they break while toasting. - Didn't you ever throw away the broken bun when you were a kid? Mine do.

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