Tuesday, September 15, 2009

totally boring tuesday

Now that Tova is no longer continuing her "Totally Awkward Tuesday" feature, Tuesdays are really boring. And, actually, I'm minorly worried about Tova. She hasn't posted for two weeks, and it's very disheartening, if not worrying. Oh, it's also sad, because Tova's blog was voted "Blog of Note" and now she doesn't even post. I really liked reading and participating in her stuff, too.

Oh well, that doesn't mean my life is any less awkward. As a matter of fact, I will share an awkward moment from a couple of months ago right now.
I often put my foot in my mouth, and this instance is no exception. There was a new employee at work, and I was helping him fill out the w-4 form, you know, the one where you put how many dependents you want to claim. He filled it out and I was looking it over to see if it was correct. I noticed that he forgot to put his marital status, so I told him. He marked it "Single."

I opened my mouth.

I inserted my foot.

I chewed vigorously.

I'm not going to lie. This guy's what I would call a handsome man. He'd probably be even better looking if he got rid of the beard, but that's beside the point... Anyway, he came with a woman a few days before, when they were filling out the paper work. He told me about his 3 year old son the previous day. I guess I just assumed the woman was his wife, with whom he had the child.

Never assume.

Anyway, back to marital status. I said...

"Oh, I'm going to tell your wife you put single."

"Well, that'll be pretty hard, since I don't have a wife." he replied.

I turned several different and unique shades of red. I picked up a paper from my desk and held it awkwardly in front of my face.

"Oh, I'm really embarrassed. Don't look at me... I guess I just assumed that woman with you the other day was your wife." I managed to say.

He laughed. "That woman was my mother! She came to help me find a house. She sure is going to love you, though!"

"Oh, uh, I didn't really get a good look at her. I just noticed that she was uh, a woman, and um with you. Please don't look at me right now. I'm really embarrassed." I once again put the paper in front of my face between him and me.

He laughed. At least he had a good sense of humor. The whole situation was made worse by the fact that it appeared as though I was unashamedly hitting on the man. Remember "Oh, I'm going to tell your wife you put single"? That just seemed like I was so obviously trying to find out if he was actually single, even though I really didn't mean it that way.

At least I am a resiliant girl. So far Single Dad (I'll call him that from now on) and I haven't crossed paths too many times. It's sure to happen again, though. He's management and I know I'll be seeing him around... Gulp. Maybe next time I can resist the urge to snack on my foot.


la aventurista said...

I agree! I miss Tova's posts a lot :(

NINA said...

Girls, stoy by my blog, TAT's are back!!!!!
and do share your stories!!!

Raine said...

haha, its not a bad thing, Im sure his mother will be truly happy to hear that :D

And I miss Tova too :(

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