Saturday, September 5, 2009

free confession friday

So, technically it's not Friday anymore, but when I woke up this morning, it was Friday, so close enough!

Today my confession is... I love weave hair. Some of you are saying, "What the heck is that?"

Well... let me tell you. It's when you get your own hair braided in cornrows along your head (or at least that's the way I do it) then tracks, or wefts, of human or synthetic hair are sewn to the braids. It comes out looking like you have a head of hair completely different (or strikingly
similar) to your normal hair.

My hair is very thin and it doesn't grow very fast. I got my first weave just to make my hair fuller. Did I mention that you can also glue tracks to your hair? You don't have to braid it if you're going to glue them (but you also risk more damage to your real hair when you remove the tracks). I've had four weaves total since then, and I pretty much love them! I just took out my last weave, which ended an almost 2 month long weave affair, last week. Oh, how I miss my long, long locks!

But on the plus side, I can actually put my hair in a high pony tail now, and I don't have to worry if my real hair is covering my seams at the top!

So there's my confession. Some people think I'm crazy for getting weave hair sewn on, but I say it's akin to dying or perming your hair. Only thing is, it's less permanent! Other people think I'm too white, but as my friends say, "She can get weave if she wants. It's just like us, we want our hair to look different and cute..." The first one wasn't so great, but we're definately figuring things out. Pretty soon people will not even know what is my real hair and what is not! So there's my shout-out to My Stylist! You the best! :D

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Raine said...

I never knew what a weave was until recently, its so cool!

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