Tuesday, May 19, 2009

summer love

I know that it is officially summer. I know this because I am laying in bed next to my open windowwith only a sheet to cover me . I can hear the sound of my neighbor's guitar pouring softly into my room from the roof of his apartment, where he often plays. Jordan, the neighbor never used to play guitar on the rooftop so much, but lately he does. Maybe he's in love. And why shouldn't he be? It's summer, after all, and even I am in love. In love with summer, that is. 

A couple walks by, quarrelling. Perhaps its not a real fight. You know, maybe just one of those "testing the waters" fights. I hear the girl say, "You get us an apartment, and maybe I will..." Their voices fade into the night. 

Thump, thump, thump, THUMP! I see Jordan's sneakers dissappear as he runs through the window into his home. I wonder why. Maybe he heard his phone ringing. I wish he would stay and serenade me until I fall asleep, but not only is that wishful thinking, its weird. Who wishes that their neighbor, whom they've only talked to twice, will serenade them into sweet slumber? Not many, I would venture.

Another sound fills, quite literally, my ears. Its the train. Our train is unmistakable. It is so loud sometimes, that it drowns out the TV. This is the conductor who I like. He only sounds the horn at intersections, main ones, I assume. There is another conductor to whom I want to do personal bodily harm every time he (or she, for that matter) passes through town. He actually holds down the horn for a good two minutes, making me want to tear him from limb to limb every time he comes. 

The sound of metal scraping loudly on metal ends and only the bell at the RR crossing just after the bridge remains now to remind me that the train has indeed been here. For all its faults, I like the train. I like the sounds it makes and the smell of the train tracks. I like walking alone or accompanied on the tracks, and although I must be too old, I like to balance on the rails. I'm pretty good at it, even if I do say so myself. 

A car drives by, somewhere, with the radio playing loudly and I have decided that its time to go to sleep. And as I blow out my scented candle and snuggle up, I thank God, I really do, for summer. It feels like an accomplishment to simply have arrived. Sometimes I think its amazing that I ever make it through the winter. Every year I promise myself I will move south, far away from here. But without winter maybe summer wouldn't be so sweet. Ah but who am I kidding? I love summer, and I'm not sure I would ever get bored of it. Summer love. Someday it will be my theme. We will marry and be together always, til death do us part. 

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