Tuesday, May 26, 2009

moonlight melodies

Maybe that should be the name of this blog, because I always seem to be writing this at a really late hour. As a matter of fact, I should be sleeping now, because I have to get up (on time) for work tomorrow. That means 6:20 or earlier. This morning was a disaster. You see, my alarm (really my cell phone, set to vibrate) broke the other day. I should say, I broke it. 

Ok, it all went down like this. My mom called (after a long, intense, GRRRR day at work). So I was already a little stressed. Then suddenly the call cut off. I tried to call her back. Nothing. Then she called me back. I couldn't answer. I called her. She called me. That theme repeats itself about 4 times until I get really frustrated and just chuck the phone across my car. It felt great... in the way that only instant regret can feel great. Hmph. So the vibrate function on my phone has not worked since. That wasn't such a big problem over Memorial Day weekend, but has become a problem now that I have a reason to get up early. 

That brings me back to today. In order to get to work on time, I need to leave no later than 7:20. Unfortunately, that is the exact hour in which I woke this morning. $#!T!! Then they were overbooked in the shower, so I had to wait. Also not good. The only thing that was good is that I set out my clothes the night before. Speaking of which, I should do that now. 

Anyway, you think for somebody who is as smrt as me, the coolege gradgueate, I would get up on time. Although, I don't think smarts have anything to do with it. It has more to do with hmmm... the amount of sleep one gets!? 

Well, this post is fast falling into the dark abyss of the rambling, uninteresting post. I will quit while I'm ahead and take some of my own medicine. I'M GOING TO BED! Good night world. Good night Jordan. Good night Moon. Good night old lady and bowl of mush. GOOD NIGHT MOUSE!!! 

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