Tuesday, May 26, 2009

danger: next blog>>

I can't stop clicking... Next blog, next blog, next blog. Wow, I can't even read that one. SKIP! Hmmmm... She makes dresses... Wow, just like the real thing! ...losing interest and MOVING ON. Ohh, the Wilson's bought a new cat. Who are the Wilson's? I don't know! Does that matter? NEXT! Aw, Kelly and Jason's little Payton is so cute. Look how he rolls over for the camera. Drooley little guy... So when are they getting back from China? Wait, why are they in China? I can't find it in here. Archives? No, Kelly and Jason and I were never that close, especially considering that I just met them TODAY! Next blog>> Is that German? Hmmm... How many words do I know in German? Ich. That means "I." Ich think. Eins, Zvie, Drie... NEXT! Moody teenage girl... NEXT! More moody teens... Next Blog>> Next Blog>> Yea, pictures. Is that Pakistani? Who cares!? I see some English, but pictures! 

WAIT! Stop the madness! No more clicking! Go... to... sleep... Can't fight the click... Hmmmm... there's no link to the next blog on this one. Time for me to click one last time--on the X. Goodnight, Next Blog.

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