Thursday, February 18, 2010

three things thursday

So here I go again, for the second time. I'll post a topic, then list three things to go with it.

Three things that cost me too much money:

  1. My fast-food habit... I really need to cut that out, but if you refer to my Sticky Note Tuesday, you will see that I was too lazy to go grocery shopping when I had time. 
  2. Gas! Driving a minimum of 400 miles a week really adds up. I wish I worked from home... Don't you think I could telecommute to my busy HR office job?
  3. Speeding tickets! Gosh I hate people tellin' me what to do! How dare they say that I should only go 55. I really like 70 better... Unfortunately, police officers did not agree with me and I have paid all-together way too much because I can't get my lay-Z booty outa' bed in time for work. 
What about you? Leave me some comment love... for what have you paid too much?


Autumn in jeans said...

Hey girly, there's an award for you on my blog (Friday's post)

D'Mama said...

Did you get a speeding ticket again? Oh man that would be bad. I would say that it's time for a new place to live or a new job. But I guess you will have to decide when that will be. I will pray for you on that! love ya lots, D'Mama
PS... I took your advice and started my own blog. I just don't think I am that interesting. Also I don't know if I dare write everything I am REALLY thinking.

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