Thursday, February 4, 2010

what was i thinking!?

Have you ever had one of those moments when the words "OMG, what was I thinking!?" just lit up in bright, neon letters inside your head? For instance, let's just say you are out driving one day. The roads are a little slick. You're at a stoplight making a right hand turn. There's a car coming, but it's still pretty far. You decide to gun it and pull out even though you know you should probably just hang back and wait until it's completely all clear. As soon as you pull out, you realize that you can't build up enough speed to get out of his way. You hit the gas, but that just makes your car fishtail, out of control. As the whole thing starts to whip around and you're not sure whether you're going into oncoming traffic or whether you'll end up in the ditch, you see that neon sign: "What was I thinking!?"

And that's just one example. See, it happens to me all the time... But it can be different for everybody. Could be you went home with a stranger you just met or got a giant tattoo covering your whole left shoulder. Perhaps you pierced your tongue on a whim or you decided to go sky diving. You could have taken a 12 hour road trip for just the weekend, knowing that you have to work on Monday. Possibly you tried out for American Idol when, deep down, you know you can't really sing!

Ok, just in case you are getting any ideas that I have done all of those things... well, I'm not going to tell. It's more interesting if I keep you guessing. :-) Now tell me! What have you done that made you say, "What was I thinking!?"


Alex said...

OH yeah! I've had many like that. Only I don't call them "OMG" moments

I call the WTF was I thinking moments.

Raine said...

I got married on a whim. What was I thinking??

I lost my car in Montreal one night because we were too anxious to go to the bars to look at the street signs. What was I thinking??

Mae Rae said...

oh yeah definately thinking...

i have never had one of those moments because the stupid stuff I do makes me say where the 'f' was my mind....why wasn't i thinking?

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