Tuesday, February 2, 2010

stick 'em up!

It's sticky note Tuesday and I finally remembered. I'm plugging these stikies in and then I'm going to bed! Have a great Tuesday!

BTDubs... how do you get rid of those little checker-mark thingers behind the stickies? Not everybody has them. Why do I? (Sounds like something a tween going through puberty would ask their mom. Sad.)

Oh, and props on the cool, new button sticky.


Amber said...

how did you save them that you ended up with the checkerboard background?!?!? Thats supposed to mean the background is transparent and won't show!

Super Cute though! and congrats on paying off your car!

Alix said...

Sorry chica. Not shooting you in the face. I don't think that would be your best look. The white shag carpet on the other hand.... tres chic!

Vanessa said...

I'm obsessed with Ikea! I would own everything from there if I could!

Cathy said...

Ikea, Target and Kohls...they would make me blow my budget too!

jo.attalife said...

Hi, that's a cool idea you got going there, to put the stickies in a pic! I think I'll copy that next time ;)
The stickies should be saved as .png files, that way you keep the transparency. If it's saved as jpg, the checkered background gets saved along with the image. Hope that helps.
Here's my first.

Mae Rae said...

have no idea about the checkerboard but love the shag!

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