Saturday, November 20, 2010

off my chest/off my shoulders

I know we all have times when you just want to shed a weight off your chest (like something that's stressing you out)or throw a load off your shoulders (something making you sad). That's why, periodically, I'm just going to write about something that's ticking me off or weighing me down and hopefully release myself from it.

So here goes a load off my shoulders: I hate that my ex married a girl with the exact same first and middle name! For the longest time it felt like such a slap, even though it was totally illogical.

Whew! That felt good! Unloaded!

Do you have a burden to hurl off? Comment!

1 comment:

Raine said...

That's a bit creepy. I hate that my best friend is completely unreliable. Completely. I never count on her for anything.

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