Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i wish...

...I had a sister.

I really do. I wish we had grown up playing together, fighting, commiserating with, competing against, sharing clothes with a sister. I wish we'd drawn a line down the middle of our room and threatened each other if one item was out of place in our side. I wish we'd sneaked out the window at midnight together and spent the whole day at the pool together and hated each other so much but then thought better of it and made up the next day. I wish we'd braided and pulled and curled and cut each other's hair. I wish we'd stayed up all night telling stories and talking about boys. I wish we'd gone shopping and sat all day in the book store reading magazines and buying none. I wish we would have cried when one or the other went to college and promised to call and text and email all the time, then only done it half of the time cuz we just didn't anticipate how having our own lives would have changed us. But then we'd get together for a weekend or over the summer and pick right up where we left off. That's what sisters do. I wish that when our hearts had broken we'd cry on the other's shoulder, then pick up the pieces and put them back together over ice cream and chic flicks. I wish that when we met the one we'd be equally thrilled for the other, and jump up and down screaming like we were 13 year olds winning tickets to see Justin Beiber. I wish we'd be each other's maids of honor and give wonderful speeches, full of inside jokes, at the reception. I wish we'd have our babies and be so proud of each other. We'd love those little chunky monkeys like they were our own. And even if we moved across the state or country or world from each other, we'd always be inseparable. We'd always be sisters, knit together in our hearts.
Sisters and Book, Painting by Iman Maleki

I wish I hadn't wished so much. I wish I never expected my brother's wives to even be half of what I hoped I could have had in a sister. I wish Baby Brother finds the perfect woman, one who has room for another sister. And last but not least, I wish I marry a man with sisters who understand me, or no sisters at all.

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Raine said...

You can do all of that with a close friend too. I wish that you find someone to fill that place in your heart.

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