Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, time flies and the years flash right before my eyes. Sounds like a good beginning to a poem. Maybe it will make an appearance on rooftop harmonies. Anyway, rooftop melodies is turning one year old tomorrow. I can't believe it's been so long. Then at the same time, it doesn't feel that long at all. At the same time as so much has changed, it seems like not much has changed at all.
Part of me feels like I should have done a massive giveaway and invited all my bloggy friends to a party and had fireworks and fanfare. But the other part of me remembers why I started this blog--I love to write. Also, I need an outlet for all the craziness that goes on inside my head on a daily basis. So I decided against the giant party, cool giveaway (sorry), and party favors.

Instead I decided to celebrate rooftop melodies' birthday with a little allergic reaction. That's right. I ate some super nasty food (note to self, "AVOID THE 'BEAR'S DEN AT ALL COST!'") at some middle-of-nowheresville restaurant on Sunday night and ever since my whole body has been itching continuously. It feels like a fiery, burning itch that comes from the inside. I have had to go to the bathroom at work and pretty much strip so I could scratch away. It's a good thing we have a one-person bathroom! It could be a little disturbing if there were other people there. And really, this isn't what I wanted to or was planning on writing about for the completion of my first blogging year, but I'm so consumed by this itch, that I can't really think about anything else. 

Well, I'm going to throw on my jammies and hop into bed and hopefully by the time our actual birthday rolls around tomorrow, I'll be itch free. Good night friends, and pass the hydrocortisone! 

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Raine said...

Happy Bloggyverisary!!

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