Tuesday, May 11, 2010

esta es una novela

The sound of slamming doors resonates in my ears. Not real slamming doors, though, just the literal sound that the proverbial door would make as it slams shut in my face. I did this to myself, you know.

But that's how life is, right? You walk toward the door to see if it's the way you should go. If it stays open to let you pass through, then you know that was not a misstep. However, when the door closes, you look for another option. Unfortunately,  if you throw a little deception into the mix, add a few people--new and old--then shake it up really well, you will undoubtedly get a disastrous combination, which, when left to simmer, will always result in slamming doors.

I hate drama. Or so I like to say. I'm not sure if I believe myself, seeing as I always seem to end up with a double helping of it. I think I secretly crave the stuff...

Oh, and in other news, my mother was right. I really cannot be expected to expound on this topic, as it is just too harsh of a reality. Honestly, it needs some time to sink in. Even then, my pride may not be able to handle conversing about the subject. You know, he has a very volatile countenance, and can be agitated easily. If allowed, he will suffer unmitigatedly over the smallest things. He will lash out in his own defense as if it were the last and only thing he owned. Yes, my pride is an unruly little bugger. I think we should just leave him alone right now. Maybe we'll revisit this subject after he's had his Prozac.

Speaking of medication, I really should take my allergy meds. If I don't, my ears will snap, crackle, and pop as if they were enjoying a hearty helping of Rice Crispies. It makes wallowing in my misery all the more difficult while I'm attempting to sleep. I simply cannot be distracted by allergy ears when I have such important things going on!

I have a Bible study to lead tomorrow night. I was planning on studying it last night along with tonight. Unfortunately I changed my life from the Devotion channel to the all-night Super Novela channel, where we say and mean, "Mas drama que nunca!" But something inside of me insists that Bible study can only be good for me, especially right now. I'm going to give it a try. I had better prepare my pride first though, as he's sure to have his toes stepped upon. 

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Alix said...

Ah, pride. It's a tricky little fella, isn't it. Not enough and we suck as people. Too much and we suck as people. And it's not always easy to keep in right proportions especially when other people steal it away and murder it.

Here's hoping you recover yours - in just the right dose - soon. So sorry you're struggling. Does it help to remind you that I love you?

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