Tuesday, December 15, 2009

when it rains, it pours

And I'm not really talking about "blessings" in the traditional sense of the word. Why does it seem like everything breaks down at this time of year, just when I want to buy my friends and family Christmas presents? Sigh...

So here's the story. Yesterday I woke up to a quite flat tire. I took it to the mechanic, where they (very slowly) removed a nail from it and patched it up. At the same time, the serviceman told me something I already knew--there's a problem with my battery. It's dead. So I got a new one last night (after shopping 3 different stores in an effort to get the best deal). It is currently chillin' out in my back seat, just waiting to be installed later today. Unfortunately my battery didn't make it that long. I'm afraid he's sputtered his last...

So I placed a call to the wonderful AAA. The kind lady assured me that East Side Towing would revive said dead battery within 37 minutes. If it happens to be more, they'll give me a call. Thank you Triple A! Now I'm just sitting here, waiting, wasting time, which is, btw, money.

And that brings me to a previous "rain storm." See, last Monday I was sick. I called in to work. Yeah, can you believe it? That's a big deal for me, considering that I haven't called in since March of '08. Then I was trapped in my apartment on Wednesday because of the blizzard. I had two dental appointments scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday, so I arrived late to work those days. Then on top of that, there was yesterday and now today! The whole world seems to be against me ever arriving to work on time!

Sigh. This makes it difficult to earn money. Which, in turn, makes it difficult to buy presents. I know, I know, they are not the most important thing. We all just want to be together for Christmas, etc. etc. But I do want to buy presents... Oh well, I'll just have to make it up on birthdays.

At least I'm healthy, happy, and safe. I am loved, too! What more could a person ask for, right, with or without a battery.

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MaeRae said...

hope things start looking UP! Batteries going is the worse!

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