Sunday, August 23, 2009


When I see you
I run out of words to say
I wouldn't leave you
Cuz you're that type of girl,
To make me stay...

The words drift out of the radio and into my ears.

You're so beautiful, so damn beautiful.

Catchy tune. Catchy lyrics. But are you stinking kidding me? This song is riduculous.

Can I be your baby father?
Girl I just wanna show you
that I love what you're doin' hun.

Can this song be serious? Is he actually insinuating that because some chic's legs look good while she's dancing in the club, he would never leave her and he would be the father of her children? What's wrong with this picture? But wait, there's more. The song goes on...

I'ma spend them grands on you
But after you undress
Not like a hooker
But more like a princess...

So what is beauty, then, according to Akon? Love? Sex? A "waistline that makes his soldier salute?" Gosh, screw beautiful then. I'd rather be ugly and be with an ugly man who doesn't expect me to stay perfect forever, because, heaven knows, things start sagging, wrinkles form, weight adds on and beauty doesn't last. And is this what guys mean when they tell me I'm beautiful? Is "beautiful" really just a synonym for "I wanna sleep with you"?

And where would one find love? Is it something you spot from across the club? Is it a booty you just can't keep your eyes off of? Well tell me then, what happens when my booty sags and gets fat!?! Am I no longer worthy of love? And seriously, does anybody really buy this crap?

This song makes me scared. I hope guys don't actually believe the garbage wrapped up in a catchy tune by a big star and a sexy music video. And if people really do believe this, no wonder that half of all marriages end in divorce. People have a seriously screwed up view of love in the first place. No surprises, then, that it doesn't pan out.

So comments... Is this for real? Are there people who actually believe this? Should I scar my face and wear mu-mus from now on so I don't become a victim of the "booty call that turns into marriage" mentality? What is wrong with this picture?


Ebony Haywood said...

i hear ya. love songs have fantasized, romanticized, and capitalized on a woman's physical beauty since the days of the troubadors. such songs offer society a temporary escape from reality. don't worry, true love will find you...

i have presented you with a blog award on my website. thank you for your creativity, gorrion!

Raine said...

im afraid to say, that I think some people do believe this crappola, which maybe a beginning of all that is wrong with the world. But, I think, most do not. Most people dont go to clubs looking for long lasting relationships. ehh.. i never did like clubs though. Maybe I dont have the right booty :D

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