Wednesday, April 13, 2011

something to think about--simpler times

So I  moved to a new apartment, which is good, because house sitting (for the last NINE months) was driving me crazy. I need my own space! Anyway, now I'm at a 6-plex in an actual neighborhood. No more suburbs for me! I'm back in the 'hood! ha ha. Well, you know how it is in apartment-type living. There are lots of families, aka lots of kids! I love kids, and I love to see them have good, old fashioned fun. You know, like riding bikes and playing tag...

That's why it made me smile to see an old-fashioned neighborhood birthday party the other day. I knew something was up when I pulled in the parking area to see that there was a barbecue happening. Mmmmmm... grilled chicken. Furthermore, I knew it was a special day when I walked in the building and smelled some greens frying. But it all made sense when I saw the birthday girl--she was decked out in her prettiest robin's egg blue tee shirt, and had 2 crisp bills pinned to her chest--$10! Of course turning 10 was great, but just imagine how awesome it will be when she turns 20, (or so she thinks now)!

All the kids from the neighborhood were swarming. I didn't see any presents (besides $10) but I did see a lot of happy faces, long into the afternoon. Maybe a great birthday is more about having fun and making memories with your family and besties than it is about presents and Chuck E Cheese and outdoing the Joneses. Hmmmm... something to think about.

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