Saturday, January 22, 2011

i chose neither

So between my head and my heart, I chose neither. And I think that was the best for me. For as much as I was/am ready for a relationship, I wasn't ready for this one. So I walked away.

And I don't feel bad about it.

Just because somebody seemed "perfect" doesn't mean I need to be with him if he is not perfect for me. So it was the shortest relationship of all time-3 weeks. Because if you're always wishing the one you're with were more like, oh say anybody else, then the one you're with is not the right one for you. And if he, after 3 weeks, already tells you you need to learn how to cook and "Why do you need a dog, if you have me?" Hmmm... I got the dog first, so I guess if I have to choose...

Anyway, I spent all this time wondering how I could ever love being single, and without even knowing it, my mind was changed. I guess I'll just have fun and enjoy life until the right one comes along!

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