Saturday, July 17, 2010

flashing before my eyes

Do you ever suddenly feel pretty darn old? Every time I roll my eyes at a teenager or see a couple who's younger than I am with a minivan and two children, I feel old. Of course, the fact is, I'm not really that old. Heck, I'm still in my mid-twenties! Maybe just the fact that I am no longer on the bottom of the totem poll is making me realize that I'm no kid anymore.

time-flies-clock-10-11-2006For example, last night my friend and I were out on the town. As we walked down the street, we saw a group of teens walking around with big name badges and matching tee-shirts. They were giggling and flirting and bee-bopping down the sidewalk in one giant swarm of youth conferencyishness. For a second, my friend and I were annoyed by their OMGing and generally loud demeanor. But then we remembered that, 10 years ago, we were the same way. And in that moment, I felt a little old. It's hard to believe that I'm already 10 years from matching tee-shirt youth conferences.

I think the reason behind this is that I have reached very few of the "normal" milestones for adulthood. Let's see, 1. I have a full-time job. 2. I have graduated from college. 3. I own a car (and I have since I was a teenager. Maybe that one doesn't count.) 4. ...Well, that's all she wrote, folks. I can't think of a fourth one. Maybe I'd start feeling like I belong in my 26 years if I had my own place or if I were married or had kids or something. Or maybe time just really does pass that fast. I guess pretty soon I'll be dead. x-(


Nicole said...

I've always hear that the older you get, the faster it goes. I'm 34 and I can't imagine it going any faster!

26??? You've got tons of life ahead of you. Don't fret. Don't hurry.

gorrión said...

I know I'm still young, and I look even younger. The problem is that I feel younger than I am... like I'm the only 26 year old who's still stuck at 16. ... if that makes any sense. And time just keeps going and I'm not catching up!

um also, Miss No-Reply, you need to get an email address... sigh

Vhen said...

hi there!vhen from post it note tuesday!

you had a wonderful blog, really...

hope you had the chance to stop by:


Kristie said...

After reading your post, I think you might like The bloggers on this site have great things to say about "being in the process" instead of having it all figured out.

Also, just for kicks, I'm giving you the "The Versatile Blogger Award." Just trying to share the love :) You can see the details on my blog.

Alix said...

Still kicking at almost 52. And yes it does go fast. I'm at the point in my life where, if I'm not careful, I might just put my socks on my boobs instead of my feet. How do you like THAT for old?

But seriously... life is so precious and so good. Old isn't as much fun as young, but it sure beats the alternative.

Enjoy yourself dear one. You've got plenty of time!

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