Thursday, July 8, 2010

changes, changes

So I moved. I'm now living with Army Wife and Husband. Soon Army Husband will be shipping out (just to the next state) and it will be just us chicas (plus Little Brother who is living in the basement somewhere. He occasionally peeks his head out.) She'll be shipping out sooner or later also, but that's well in the future. For now, I'll just enjoy my Adventure in Suburbia.

Anyway, if I seem scarce lately, it's because I just moved and I drive 103 miles to and from work a day. I'm tired when I get home and I guess I don't really have anything to give by then, not even to my blog. Besides, I'm still unpacking boxes and totes. But hopefully I can find a job in the area soon and things will become more settled. Until then I'll just be gathering the bloggy ideas in my head, maybe writing them down on paper so I can spit 'em out again here. See you cats later!

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