Tuesday, June 29, 2010

terrible beauty

Today I was shopping at one of my favorite stores, Target, when I was drawn to the pajama area. I love jammies. They are my weakness... Well, one of them. I grabbed a pair of yellow flowered boxers and a ribbed blue tank. "Perfect summer pj's," I thought. As I put them in my basked, I saw a skimpy, white, little thing. It was so pretty and sexy. I wished, "I hope I will need that some day." 

Then I realized. I'm stuck somewhere between being the girl who, in her desperation, buys the lingerie even though she has no need for it and the girl who buys whatever she pleases, just because she likes it not caring what anybody thinks. I am neither of those girls. Desperation looks terrible on me, and I'm still not ready to give up and get 7 cats.

So here's to hoping that maybe someday I'll just need that pretty little thing.


Nicole said...

I too am a jammie girl! I have tons of them in all different varieties, but I never wear them. I have the flirty nighties and the sensible 2 piece "outfits". I always seem to end up in a tank and boxer shorts. So even if you have the need for the lingerie doesn't mean you will wear it.

Keep shopping!

Raine said...

I hear you, sista. Love not needing anyone elses input but sometimes desperately want it

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