Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i've been thinkin'

I know, it's pretty dangerous when I start thinking! But I've been doing a lot of that lately. haha... That kind of implies that I didn't spend much time thinking before... which isn't true. I guess the subject of my thoughts is what's changed. I have a lot of thoughts that I want to share, and some thoughts that should just stay in my head. But one of those thoughts that runs through my mind often is this blog. I've wanted to write several times and even thought about subject matter, but somehow it fades by the time I get home from work.

Speaking of which, I haven't really written anything of late for that exact reason. Starting a new job is stressful regardless of whether or not there is a smooth transition. Especially in this position. I'm in my 6th week of training and I still have 6 weeks to go before I'm "all trained in." I'm glad I've already had a background in HR to prep me for all this subject matter. But even taking that into consideration, this is still stressful! And come to think of it, I've only lived in this new location for 3 months. Moving is stressful, too. I haven't made many friends yet, even though I lived here most of my childhood and teenage years. Everything has changed and most of my old friends are gone by now. Making friends can be hard when you're starting over for the first time in a long time...

Now I'm not saying these things are bad. They are actually very good! It's great to be out of my dead-end job, commuting 103 miles a day (or 76 miles at my old apartment). It's good to be out of the old atmosphere, thinking about my dead-end ex every day. It's good to be starting over.

So I guess I need your help/input. Have you ever started over? How did you make friends? Did you meet a man and fall in love :D? Does he have a brother/son ;D? I need some advice here ladies! Help me get back in my groove. Oh, and thanks for sticking around and waiting for me to get my act together and come back to the bloggy world.


Raine said...

I wish I had some awesome insight to share with you but I really don't. It's really hard starting over. I think it'll be easier for you though because you can hang out at say a coffee shop and start meeting people. I really like my neighbors. They are especially awesome when I come home to an empty house and need someone to talk to. I think you will be just fine specially since you already know the area. Which reminds me that you can see if there are any local activities or groups or something that you could get involved with. It'd be a great place to meet people - maybe a boy??

Nicole said...

Ahhh...starting over, it's hard. I speak from experience. I've been divorced for a little over 2 years, moved to a different city and lived on my own for the first time in my life. All of these were by my choice. And they were not easy. I have 2 children and part of the choice was choosing what was best for them...and that means they do not live with me. Hard doesn't begin to describe...

But I am a much better person and I am able to be myself. I've found that people appear in your life when you need them the most. I have some wonderful people in my life now that would not be here if I hadn't started over. I don't have any magic to share on meeting new people, but just be yourself - the self that YOU love and others will love you too.

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